19 December 2009

Northern Iraq's Biggest Issue: Pregnancy?

I firmly believe in our ongoing support of the Government of Iraq as they continue to gain capacity. But at some point we need to ask what exactly our Soldiers are doing over there when the Multi-National Division-North (MND-N) Commanding General has to threaten Court Martial’s for pregnancies. It’s really quite sad when you consider MND-N has the two major ethnic flash points of Kirkuk and Mosul, which currently holds the (dubious) honor of highest attack rates in Iraq. There’s also that pesky issue of Kirkuk potentially ripping Iraq apart if it becomes part of Kurdistan. There obviously is nothing going on in MND-N. Read more here.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm what where?

    We're at the point in Iraq where we need to leave, it's now well past diminishing returns.
    It's about zero or negative returns.

    Another Civil War or ethnic strife is their problem. And it's also inevitable.

    As far as Operation no hanky panky, aside from the obvious comedy value...

    If you want female soldiers, then pay the price. It's only been this way since...since..the beginning of time. And I've served with female soldiers, some of them were damn professional.

    Some of them were screwing half the unit, so how does this MG plan to find out who the father is?

    If he thinks telling GI Joe and Jane no naughty Business is gonna stop that...well Hell, that's just gonna make it more fun.

    BTW is he going to CM a wife if her husband knocks her up? Seriously? Abortion by demand? Will the doctors even do it?

    And yes, clearly there is nothing going on. Really, and I say that having gone to Iraq twice.

    sorry, time to go. Head over to Astan for the next debacle.