09 December 2009

Christian Science Monitor v Savannah Morning News

The Savannah Morning News quoted Brigadier General (BG) Thomas Vandel yesterday as saying there had been considerable progress across Northern Iraq, especially Mosul, where “the Mosul area used to be dangerous, but attacks are waning there.” He also said, "Iraq is on the cusp of becoming a stable partner of the United States and can become a beacon of stability in the Middle East." Contrasting BG Vandel’s quote with one from the Christian Science Monitor’s Dan Murphy yesterday saying, “…while northern cities like Mosul and Kirkuk continue to see high rates of assassinations and bombings.” Attacks against US forces may be waning, but assassinations and VBIED attacks do nothing to alter host-nation public perspective of the security situation.


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  1. Obviously all reporting is subject to bias, but things like this just create headaches for people who can't actually get to the site.