10 December 2009

In Bed With Blackwater

Blackwater contractors supporting the CIA on kill/capture missions? I don't know of a unit out there that wouldn't jump at the chance to go out on point targeted raids with everyone's favorite agency. I don't doubt anything reported in this story. My only question is "Why?". Whatever ends up coming out of this, it won't be good. The uproar across the Arab world tomorrow will likely be thunderous as these two entities are blamed for pretty much anything and everything negative that happens.


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  1. User 81:

    I think it is important said something. The other day I was going to post research I gathered on how multiple (and diverse) security agencies have been the extensive subject of negative news reporting as well as public concentration (both in America and, as you say, globally) due to coverage.

    Examples: CIA and GB as well as torture; FBI and Fort Hood; TSA and airport measures; DHS and "rise of radicals."

    My focus is not on the missions and purpose(s) or the operational methods and strategies of these entities, but rather on the pressures being placed on them as an organization from outside; i.e. reputation. Past years have seen stories like this, but 2009 has been a year of focused attention on issues such as the one you present.

    What do you [all] think?