16 February 2010

Who's Who The Terrorist Edition: Qari Hussain Ahmed Mehsud

Qari Hussain Ahmed Mehsud
Occupation: Taliban Commander (TTP)
Born: December 6, 1988 (Kotki, South Waziristan)
Education: Early Islamic education close to home, then transfered to the Jamia Farooqia University in Karachi, Pakistan, to further his Islamic studies.
Employer: Qari is under Cousin Hakeemullah's (if alive) chain of command
Career Highlights: In 2007, Qari took a page from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's book and began to train suicide bombers and implemented beheadings as a future technique. He also received much media attention for his creation of a suicide training camp that focused its teachings on children. Australian media reports that Qari may have even trained Balawi, suicide bomber who attack FOB Chapman. Here is a list of suicide attacks possibly linked to Qari's hand; Lakki Marwat (88 Dead), Lahore (22 Dead), Jamrud (50 Dead), Islamabad (60 Dead), Lahore (30 Dead), and Bannu (15 Dead)
Family: Familial ties to Hakeemullah Mehsud (cousin)
Address: South Waziristan
Assessment Summary: Qari is a likely successor and will one day lead the TTP if he is not killed before he gets his chance. Qari is also apart of the "2nd Generation" of terrorist leadership, one that is more ruthless and needs less religious justification to do their deeds. Look for a shift in targeting from Qari, focusing more attention and possibly a new TTP targeting Political Officials. Visit the LWJ to read more about Qari.

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  1. In a way it's a bit disturbing, this man is only a few years younger than I am and he's a major terrorist and set to be a militant leader. I wonder if this is the feeling people get when seeing children soldiers.