09 December 2009

GEN(R) McCaffrey - Afghanistan Trip Report

Just wanted to share a great report from GEN(R) McCaffrey on his recent trip to Afghanistan. As always, he provides great insight based on an extensive series of meetings and briefings with top leaders (including GEN Petraeus, GEN McChrystal, AMB Eikenberry, MG Flynn (ISAF J2), and COL Eric Kurilla (a personal favorite) to name just a few). Probably one of the most succinct and informative pieces I've read lately. Thanks very much to the former Eagle 6 (LTC Chris Johnson) for sharing this with the group...

McCaffrey AAR - November 2009

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  1. Pat,

    Thanks for sharing this report. What stuck out to me was the decisive leadership steps taken by McChrystal and Gates to form a unified NATO force to work with US combat leader Rodriguez (pg. 6, bullet 6).

    Also, but seems to be improbable as report notes, is the support of civilian agencies; however, "Afghanistan over the next 2-3 years will be simply too dangerous..."

    Any insight on using assets already there - or about to be deployed - to perform the COIN tasks which would have been pursued by civilian agencies in coordination with McChrystal's strategy?

    Given the rising growth of domestic homegrown threats, the agencies most likely are focusing assets in US to counter/combat transnational issues. What say you?