11 November 2009

Thanks to our Veterans!

A day off from work today provided for a good opportunity to truly reflect on what Veteran's Day really means. For me, today was about remembering all of the phenomenal Soldiers with whom I had the privilege and honor to serve (and all of their families who supported them). My deepest gratitude and thanks to all veterans, past and present.

I wanted to share a brief e-mail I received today from a former colleague and mentor (known to some as SuperDave or "the maestro" - see back story in the NY Times here). His words capture my sentiments exactly:


Just wanted to take an opportunity on this Veteran’s Day to say how lucky and proud I am to have served with each and every one of you. I hope when you reflect on the meaning of today that you are reminded of how truly special your individual and collective accomplishments are to our Nation. You are all tremendous Soldiers, Leaders, and Men. I wouldn’t trade anything in this world for the experiences we shared together. From one Veteran to another, “Thank you for your service”.

Enjoy your day and “GOD BLESS.”

Also, this evening I watched an extremely powerful and moving documentary on HBO called "Section 60: Arlington." Called "the saddest acre in America," Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery is a burial ground for U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, a place that epitomizes the honor of service and the cost of war. The hour-long film captures the lives of several fallen Soldiers (and their families) all taken from the perspective of their grave sites in Arlington. This is a must-see film; one that I feel every US citizen would benefit from watching. Read more about the documentary on HBO's website here. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a link to a free version of the film yet, but hopefully one will show up on YouTube soon. If anyone finds one, please let me know so that we can share it.

I hope everyone took a few minutes today to pause and reflect on the sacrifices of our veterans today. Please continue to think about and pray for all of those serving in harm's way across the globe.

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