16 November 2009

AAR Slide Show

The Small Wars Journal posted a great power point slide show from 1/5 Marines operating in the Helmand Province. This slide show will resonate with anyone who has conducted Counter Insurgency Operations in any foreign country. I think most of us are concentrating on the upper echelon policy options for the current Administration and I think it is easy to forget how difficult COIN operations truly are for those who have to execute those policy decisions.


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  1. JD, this is excellent. Thanks! It definitely helps keep things in perspective. Any decisions that are made need to be grounded in a deep knowledge of just how tough it is to do COIN ops right. If we are going to send more troops (which I think we will, just don't know the number), they need to be trained, equipped, and mentally prepared for the frustrations and challenges of full-spectrum COIN ops. Winning the trust of a distrustful populace is difficult and often bloody...