10 January 2010

The Curious Case of Dr. Randeep Mann

In an article dated January 10, 2010 the Los Angeles Times reports that Dr. Randeep Mann stands accused of deploying an IED which destroyed the 2005 Lexus belonging to Dr. Trent Pierce, chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board, who was gravely injured in the attack which occurred in his driveway in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dr. Mann had been investigated on numerous occasions by the Arkansas State Medical Board for questionable practices regarding his prescriptions for controlled narcotics and just prior to the attack, his permit to prescribe narcotics had been revoked.

On the surface, this case seems to be one of simple revenge motivated by a perceived institutional slight in the form of a revocation of a professional license. But, if we look more deeply into just who Dr. Mann is, we find a disturbing story which brings up many questions and offers few answers.

In March of 2009, the Commercial Appeal newspaper of Memphis, TN reported that Dr. Mann was contacted by local police after a city worker found found a canister of grenades in the woods near Mann's home in rural London, Arkansas. When Arkansas State Troopers and Special Agents of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrived to serve a search warrant, they seized 110 unregistered fully automatic weapons, grenade launchers and $50,000 in cash, all in addition to the 98 grenades which the city worker had found in the woods on the previous day.

It should be mentioned that the residence of Dr. Mann is located less than half of one mile from the “Arkansas Nuclear One” nuclear power plant. Mann is a Federally licensed firearms dealer and he has made more than 300 trips in and out of the US since 2007. Tom Barker, a former mechanical engineer at Arkansas Nuclear One was quoted by the Commercial Appeal newspaper as saying, "Neighbors said they heard him popping off a machine gun in the lake," Barker said. "Guess they wouldn't think anything of it if they heard machine gun fire coming from that direction again some day."

So who is Dr. Randeep Mann? Is he simply a scorned physician who attacked the chairman of a regulatory commission with revenge for the loss of his permit to prescribe narcotics as his motivating factor? Or is this something much more sinister? Was Dr. Mann a member of the support cell of a terrorist organization providing logistical support and possible pre-operational surveillance for a terrorist organization.

The information contained in the articles regarding Dr. Mann do not answer any of these questions. It simply leads us to more questions, such as how many more Dr. Randeep Mann's are out there, quietly caching arms and other supplies within a stones throw of our nations critical infrastructure?


  1. Strange to be sure, and more than a bit troubling that it took so long for him to be indicted, however I would advise both the readers and the writer to remain calm. If there isn't any evidence yet that he was inspired by or involved in militant Islamic politics then I suggest that we do not presume that he was.

  2. Good Sir,

    Not once in this article does the term "islamic" appear. In addition, the first and by inference, most likely scenario that I gave was that he was simply seeking revenge for the suspension of his privelige to prescribe narcotics. Identifying and reporting all possible explainations for a given set of circumstances is a very important part or the analytical process. Please allow me to assure you that I am indeed quite calm.

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  4. Keeping emotions in check, it is still a very troubling story. As the report points out
    Dr. Mann's house is located within ONE mile of "Arkansas Nuclear One". Does anyone feel uncomfortable knowing that a man living a mile away from a nuclear power plant had a large array of dangerous weapons? When is it ever OK for a private citizen to hold such weapons? Where there is smoke there's a fire. While yes he was probably seeking revenge when he attempted to kill Dr. Pierce, that does not justify the amount of destructive materials he had hidden in his woods. I hope I am not sounding too neurotic, however, it is a very troubling situation.

  5. Is this a trial by jury or media. Get your story right. No one is guilty till proven so!!! This is not some third world country. Lets see when his case goes to trial!!!

  6. Let me say this, I am from Russellville and was a friend of Dr. Mann's oldest son and have spent a fair amount of time at the Mann residence. I can guarntee guarantee that any belief that he is involved in terroist activity is completley false. He showed many of us his gun collections which were locked away in large safes. If he was planning some major strike against ANO that would pretty dumb to let several high schoolers know about his arsonel. Additionally, it should be known that they have over a dozen high end luxury cars as well as dirt bikes, plasma tvs and an entire weight room in his basement. The Mann's are collectors and obviously have a lot of money but are no threat to anyone. I don't know if he had anything to do with Dr. Pierce's attack and my assumption is that he didnt. Regardless, any public safety bullshit about him is downright insulting.

  7. This is something i had posted on another blog I am just copy pasting it b/c i do not feel like typing it all out again.

    What is interesting the new things that have come out. Apparently, they are going to bring in all the machine guns (Clearly to bring fear to the jury) when only two of they were illegal, or whatever. I don't find that very fair, but hey, that's all a part of it.

    The man has the right to bear arms, if he likes guns and has the licence to have them it shouldn't be an issue to have the guns. If he had them illegally then I'd understand. He has the money so why not? I know a CPA that has a gun safe at his office with tons ammuntion and tons of guns why isn't he getting a bad rep for having them? What i am getting at here is that there are a bunchhhhh of people out there that have a plethora of guns but we would never know about it because the media doesn't put them out there like they did to this doctor. Then again, they may have not done anything to get the media's attention.

    The media left out the part where he actually owns a shooting range where he lets people shoot their guns.

    I feel like when people see "grenade launcher" they assume its like a bazooka where you have to hold it on your shoulder. In reality, it is simply an attachment that goes on top of a gun. You CAN NOT blow up the nuclear powerplant with a grenade launcher. It is made to withstand an airplane impact!

    It also fails to mention that he has practice rounds (which are legal) for that grenade launcher. So he does have the ability to fire it, it just won't do any damage. ( In case you were wondering why he'd own it if he couldn't use it) and like someone said the ATF knew he had it from the beginning sooo why's it a issue now?

    The grenades were also found according to the media roughly two and a half football fields away from the house. There is someone else that lives closer to the area where the grenades were found than he does. MUCH closer! Like someone had said why wasn't that person being asked any questions?

    Everyone that knew him, knew about his gun collection. He was not shy about it at all.

    However, seeing all these kinds of circumstances, I could understand why he is a suspect, I just don't agree with him being locked up this whole time. Maybe being on house arrest? That would make more sense to me, they don't really have any concrete evidence to make him stay in jail THIS WHOLE TIME!

    These are just my opinions and what all I have thought of about this case. Feel free to disagree!

  8. Having actually done research regarding this case, I find the author to lose credibility with sensationalist conjecture. This article is filled to the brim with typical fear mongering. It's very unbecoming and unprofessional, Mr. Mahood.