16 September 2010

AAFES Bans Video Game... Possible Punishment For Owning Medal of Honor?

Somehow this little gem from last week slipped past me. Last week AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service, the military’s version of Walmart) announced it was banning the new Medal of Honor video game set to be released next month from its stores and GameStop’s operating on Army and Air Force bases. Honestly, I’m really not into video games. But anyone that’s spent more than five minutes around a Soldier in the US Army will realize that the overwhelming majority of our Soldiers are. But again, taken at face value the banning of selling this game by AAFES is no big deal. Most Soldiers who want this game will just go off base to purchase the game. Another good link to see how Soldiers feel about this decision by AAFES is available here.

Again, not a “gamer”. And I realize that saying this is no big deal opens me up to all sorts of criticism. But I’ll go ahead and say it anyway, this is not a big deal. I have lost friends and close comrades overseas. The game is set during early 2002’s Operation Anaconda; and while OEF continues to trudge on, how is this any different than a video game of WWII, Korea, Vietnam or any other war game or shooter? And anyone stupid enough to think that a video game is really like actual combat is just that, stupid. I am yet to meet a single Soldier who joined the Army because combat looked pretty cool in a video game. Not saying it hasn’t happened, but I am yet to meet this person.

Here’s where it may get better. Today a good friend (who is very well connected) told me that certain bases will make having this game on base a punishable offense. Not like, you have to rake some leaves or mow some grass kind of punishment, but paperwork in your permanent file kind of punishment. I have no idea whether this is actually going to happen, but if anyone else has heard about this, feel free to share. I’ll provide updates to this post if anything changes here.

Also, if playing a video game as Team Muj is insensitive, reprehensible, etc., would the Army also be right to ban training like Mirror Image because you learn how to think and act like a terrorist/insurgent/Mujahideen?

What do you think?


  1. I think they're idiots, but this is "their war". Carry on solider!!

    Seriously, we had a kid that used to put on goggles, a mask, and a new Iraqi flag as his cape. He was "Iraqi man!!" Iraqs (much needed) Superhero.

    It's a gag, OK? Well no said a LT somewhere in the system ..

  2. Seems ridiculous to me since you can see these guys playing these games coming back from missions. It's another example of our society being overly PC. Punishing soldiers for having the game would take this stupidity to another level altogether.

  3. the single player campaign of the game is clearly a loving tribute to the men and women of the US military. Every single moment of it is a beautiful piece of pro-US propaganda. Banning it was just plain stupid.